5 problems with Kenyan “creatives”

” It appeared as though the city [Nairobi] was experiencing a hybrid shift and was struggling to negotiate global youth trends and perspectives into a homogeneous, Christianized and colonized framework”.

Black ▪ Girl ▪ Provoked

My stats alerted me that 35% of my readership is on Saturdays at 12 a.m. What can I say? I have established a legion of party-poopers and I’m strangely pleased with that. 😉

So, for the juice,

… I established a reserved dynamic with a handful of creatives-the newly dread-locked and inked pile that I deconstructed in the last post. ‘Reserved’, in the manner that my involvement had a hunch. One appearance to a show here, and a token purchase there, and more frequently an opportunity to observe human behavior. And with time, I even learned to just smile when wished ‘love and light’ as opposed to enquire.

This curious bunch turned out not to be a bunch so much as a colony. Every circle, every event, and every seating space I occupied was dominated by a fleet of fashionably bummed out, culturally charged, and deliberately dressed dudes and chicks each…

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